Felix Diehl, Bachelorstudent

Im a Bachelor-of-arts-student with the subjects Phyics and Biologie. Therefore I was interesed in an finding a way to combine these two subjects, that's why I went to the Departmend of Biophysics. First I took part in the G-Block to get to know each working group and afterwards I made a S-Block in the MD-simulations group. There I stared to work with channelrhodopsins and Molekular-Dynamic-Simulations.

Home Department: Department of Biophysics, Ruhr University Bochum

Office Address: ND 04 / 298

Office Phone: (+49) 234 32 29673

Email Address: felix.diehl@rub.de


Research Interests

  • Topics of Interest

Channelrhodopsins are light gated ion-channels. They all have similar structure (for example seven transmembran helices), but they also have many differnent properties. Especially their spektral peaks and turn-on- / turn-off-cientics are extremly different. In opgentics Channelrhodopsins are used to activate or deactivate neuroal cells. One goal is, to find way to activate and deaktivate one cell with differnt light-colours, there you try to find Channelrhodpsins with different absorption spectra, or you try to move the spectra to higher wavelengths. In my bachelorstudies I am working with a channelrhodopsin called "Chrimson" from Chalmydomonas noctigama. Chrimson is an intresting channelrhodopsin, because it has the most red-shifted spectral peak yet discoverd (590nm). I try to characterise Chrimsons ground state and the pre-open-state, therefore I try to isomerize the retinal step by step.



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